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Ansøgning til UWC Danmark for 2018 er nu lukket



For at ansøge skal du udfylde et online ansøgningsskema. Først skal du oprette dig selv i systemet og når du har gjort dét, kan du udfylde ansøgningen. Du kan til enhver tid gemme dit arbejde og føje til det senere. Vi anbefaler, at du starter i god tid med ansøgningen og arbejder med den over et længere stykke tid.

Mangelfulde ansøgninger vil ikke blive behandlet, så vær sikker på, at du har det hele med!

Resten af det elektroniske ansøgningssystem foregår på engelsk. Dine engelskkundskaber er ikke en del af vurderingsgrundlaget for vores endelige beslutning om din ansøgning. Hvis du bliver inviteret videre i ansøgningsprocessen, vil du opleve, at resten af forløbet (aktivitetsdage og interviews) udelukkende foregår på dansk. 

Alle spørgsmål - uanset om det drejer sig om tekniske vanskeligheder eller formuleringer i ansøgningen - er velkomne. Send en mail til selection@uwc.dk. Du kan også tilgå UWC Danmarks hjemmeside, hvis du søger yderligere information.


Before You Apply

Please read the above and the following information about the application form and procedure. Please make sure that you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) have read, understood, and discussed all the information. It is important that you understand the selection process and the guidelines regarding financial contributions. 


To be taken into consideration as a Danish UWC candidate, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. You must currently be enrolled in a Danish STX, HHX, HTX-education at any year level or a pre-IB programme
  2. You must be younger than 19 by 1 September 2018
  3. You must be a Danish citizen or live in Denmark with a Danish CPR number
  4.  You must have been enrolled in the Danish school system for the past two years (children of Danish diplomats and students who have been on exchange for up to one year are exempt from this rule; please contact uwc@uwc.dk if you are not sure if you qualify)


Each applicant is required to pay an administration fee of DKK 300,- to reg. number 4180 and account number 4180393862. The cost helps UWC Danmark cover the money spent on the application process. If you are unable to pay this fee, you may have it waived by contacting us. The fee must be paid by the application deadline. Only if the applicant decides to apply must the administration fee be paid. It is free to register on the application system and have a look at/fill out part of the application.

Throughout the selection process, candidates are reviewed exclusively on social and academic merit and potential. All candidates are reviewed equally regardless of their religious, social, financial, or ethnic background. The UWC experience is not right for everyone and the selection process is designed to help the Danish National Committee select candidates who have a real commitment to the UWC core values as well as the ability to cope and potential to thrive at a UWC college. 

The criteria, which the Danish Selection Committee uses as a basis for their assessment of candidates, are: motivationcognitive abilitycommunication and cooperationpersonal integrity, and resilience. In addition, we have a particular focus on potential for personal development in the candidates.

This application form is carefully reviewed by the UWC Denmark Selection Committee. The application will be the basis for an initial shortlisting of candidates for the first round of our selection process. If you are short-listed, you will be invited to attend a day of workshops and activities in Copenhagen. Following the first round we will make a second shortlisting of candidates, who will be invited to a personal conversation with each candidate. After the second round our final candidates will be chosen. The final candidates will be offered a place at a UWC college.

If you are invited for the first round of the selection process, you will have to attend one of the following days of workshops, so please keep them free. Saturday 24.02.2018, Sunday 25.02.2018, Saturday 03.03.2018 or Sunday 04.03.2018. If you are invited for the second round of the selection process, you will be invited to a personal conversation on one of the following days:  Friday 09.03.2018, Saturday 10.03.2018 or Sunday 11.03.2018.



It is important that you understand all information regarding UWC and the commitment involved with the education offered. Additional information about the selection process can be found on the UWC Danmark website. Information about the IB, individual schools, and their specific programs and activities can be found on both UWC Danmark’s website and the UWC International website. Parent(s)/guardian(s) are, together with the applicant, responsible for signing this application, but the decision to apply must above all lie with the applicant her-/himself.


It is not, however it is possible to apply for a full financial scholarship if need is demonstrated.

If your daughter/son is selected as a final candidate for a UWC college, she/he will be offered a place at a UWC school. UWC Danmark aims to send as many qualified applicants as possible to UWC schools every year, but the number of scholarships available are dependent on the funds of the National Committee. To make this opportunity available to as many applicants as possible, participants and their parent(s)/guardian(s) are required to pay a family contribution of DKK 18,000 per year. The family contribution is based on the following information:

  1. - Average cost of one student at one UWC school per year: DKK 158,000
  2. - Contribution from the Danish state per student per year: DKK 70,000
  3. - Contribution from funds raised by UWC Danmark per student per year: DKK 70,000
  4. - Contribution from applicant’s family per year: DKK 18,000

Parent(s)/guardian(s) with a before-tax income below DKK 250,000 can apply for a full scholarship for their daughter/son. If the need is demonstrated, such full scholarship may include travel costs and pocket money. When considering your ability to contribute, please take into account the cost of having your child living at home for a year as well as the possible addition of SU, which your child will be eligible for when turning 18 (Danish UWC students are considered udeboende).


In addition to the Family Contribution, UWC Danmark strongly encourages parent(s)/guardian(s) to donate further towards the cost of the stay, if they have the capacity to do so. Every contribution that UWC Danmark receives enables us to expand the number of Danish students both at present and in future years. Furthermore, it increases our ability to provide full scholarships to deserving candidates with demonstrated financial needs. Any donation up to DKK 15,600 (for year 2017) will generally be tax deductible. The deduction is per person and per year. The following table shows what UWC Danmark considers a realistic donation per year relative to household income before tax. The annual Family Contribution of DKK 18,000 is not included in the amount:

Familiens årlige skattepligtig indkomst, jf. årsopgørelse (DKK)

Foreslået forældredonation per familie for hvert skoleår (DKK)

500.000 - 750.000

15.000 - 45.000

750.000 - 1.250.000

45.000 - 70.000

1.250.000 eller derover

Skolepris fratrukket statsbidraget

The parent(s)/guardian(s) must make a binding financial commitment. The parent contribution form (download it here) must therefore be printed, filled out by hand, signed, and sent by ordinary mail to the address of the UWC Danmark treasurer:

Bruun og Hjejle
Att. Elise Ross Hansen
Nørregade 21
1165 København K

The form must be sent in a sealed envelope with the name of the applicant clearly written on the front. Applications without the parent contribution form will not be taken into consideration. If a candidate is not offered a place at a UWC school, the parental contribution form will become null and void, and the envelope will be destroyed without ever being opened. 

It is a firm principle of UWC Danmark that the the most deserving candidates are selected regardless of their financial background. To ensure that this principle is upheld, the envelopes with parent contribution forms will remain sealed and in the keeping of the UWC Danmark treasurer until the end of the selection process where the final candidates have been identified. 

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact the UWC Danmark office by email uwc@uwc.dk or by phone 3026 7214. The office hours can be found in the calendar. 
UWC Danmark Vartov, Farvergade 27b, 1463 København K